Frequently Asked Questions

1) How email works?

Email, or electronic mail, is the most common method of exchanging digital messages and remains one of the most popular services currently available via the Internet.

In more details :

1) A user sends an email message and connects to an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server as configured in her email client or Mail User Agent.

2) On the SMTP server, a Mail Transfer Agent looks at the recipient address and looks up the domain part of the address to determine its destination.

3) After querying a Domain Name System (DNS) server for the name of the Mail eXchanger (MX) for the recipient’s domain name, the SMTP server will send the message to that server via the SMTP protocol.

4) The receiving server will store the message and make it available to the recipient, who can access it via web, POP, or IMAP.

2) Is e-mail guaranteed to either be delivered or bounced?

No. There is no guarantee an e-mail is delivered, even if you didn't receive a bounce-mail. There are several possible scenarios where you would not receive a bounce mail.

3) What is the purpose of this e-mailverifier tool?

This free email verification tool help you to verify if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.

4) Is this tool email bounce cheaker?

Yes, definitely, Remove invalid email addresses from your list using email verifier scrubbing system to prevent email bounces. Keeping your email list clean and protecting your emailing reputation and deliverability.

5) Is e-mailverifier service free?

It’s free and always will be.